Vertini Fashion Machine Lip
The Vertini Fashion was their first successful wheel having large success Australia wide which started their footprint into the Australian wheel market. Over 6 years ago Vertini released this elegant master piece and was sold out in Europe and USA in weeks. Nobody had seen such a style that set the trend in curved spoked design with an artistic finish as it met the centre cap. Many impostor wheel companies we’re envious and imitated the design as they could see the world wide following this wheel was experiencing. Obviously they didn’t compare to the original and consumers didn’t want to compromise on quality and the style of the originator, the motivator, the trend setter, the Vertini Fashion. This wheel is available in 20×8.5, 20×10, 22×8.5 and 22×9.5. They clear large brakes and come both in machine finish and back lip with pinstripe. 6 years since it?s realise and demand is still consistent. I guess style just doesn’t age.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 20×8.5 20×10 22×8.5 22×9.5